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 Stories + Recipes from Greenland and Maine

Join us in this collaborative project where students from Maine and Greenland, along with
members of the Wabanaki Nation, share foods and recipes that showcase a unique taste of
place. It is our hope to connect over the similarities and the cultural uniqueness of the foodways
that make these two regions so distinct in the world.

This cookbook is a tool to continue the dialogue about the foods of each region, honoring the
people who have been stewards of the land and sharing recipes that are part of the day-to-day
culture in modern life.

Read a few of our recipes:

Lobster Shakshuka Recipe

Three Sisters Soup Recipe

Snow Crab Soup Recipe (Recipe in Kalaallisut)

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Thank you ~ Qujanaq ~ Woliwon

A special thanks to our Creative + Publishing Partner, edible Maine, dedicated to authentic culinary storytelling.

​​Photo Credit: Capshore Photography
Illustrations: Sydney Auclair ’24, University of Southern Maine