Early College

Early College (EC) within the University of Maine System (UMS) is broadly defined as any program in which high school students enroll in college courses. Students in EC programs earn transcripted college and high school credit when they successfully pass the course. EC programs are based on partnerships between Maine’s Public Universities and high schools to help students successfully transition to college. Early College Webpage

Maine Geospatial Institute

The Maine Geospatial Institute is a statewide collaborative of the seven University of Maine System (UMS) campuses developed to support economic growth, workforce development, education and research in geospatial technologies. MGI Webpage


One University Academic Alignment and Student Success

Working in collaboration with faculty and staff to coordinate and integrate our academic and research programs across our institutions, we will ensure that our critical programs are adequately resourced, every Maine student has affordable access to any University program for which he or she is qualified, and that our institutions advance economic growth and opportunity.

Programs for Examination

To ensure timely and ongoing attention to programmatic vitality, all academic programs within the UMS will be examined annually for the (a) number of graduates being produced, (b) the number of undergraduate majors, and (c) the number of faculty available to the program. The Programs for Examination process is intended as a proactive mechanism by which to foster broader collaborative discussions among faculty and academic administrators regarding program size in the context of mission, quality, and sustainability. Programs for Examination Administrative Procedure 305.7

Annual Summer Academy of Adult Learning and Teaching (SAALT)

a 4-day immersive faculty development conference sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and organized by the University of Southern Maine. SAALT brings together UMS faculty representing all seven of the University of Maine System campuses to build a UMS community of forward-thinking and innovative faculty, SAALT focused on teaching and learning best practices for the adult learner. More information on SAALT can be found at this link.