Subject: Student Appeals Policy for Academic Affairs

Effective: 6/25/75
Last Revised:

Procedures for Student Appeals Policy for Academic Affairs:

The Student Appeals Policy for Academic Affairs guarantees to each student an objective review of an academic grievance.

Each institution has an established written policy on student appeals for academic affairs, and these policies have been reviewed and approved for implementation by the Chancellor.

Any proposed revisions to campus policies should be submitted to the Chancellor for review and approval. The following criteria were applied by the Chancellor in approving the original documents and will also be applied in approving any proposed revisions:

Each institutional policy shall provide for:

  1.  Purpose of appeals document (general statement of policy).
  2. Procedures to be followed in an appeal of a decision on academic affairs:
    a. Types of issues which may be appealed.
    b. Steps to be taken by the student to appeal a decision on academic affairs.
    c. Procedures to be followed by the institution to resolve the issue.
  3. Provision for periodic re-evaluation of the policy.

In addition, the campus should indicate how students and faculty were involved in formulating any revisions to the policy, and endorsements by appropriate student and faculty organizations should be noted.

See: Policy Manual Section 306: Student Appeals Policy for Academic Affairs

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