Subject: Transfer of Academic Credit

Effective: 5/18/81
Last Revised: 9/24/84; 3/98; 11/17/03

Procedures for Transfer of Academic Credit

Board of Trustees policy provides the maximum opportunity for transfer within the University of Maine System. To effect successful transfer experiences for UMS students, the following transfer practices are endorsed and followed by University of Maine System institutions.

  1. Generally, course grades do not transfer from institution to institution. Semester and cumulative grade point averages reflect only those courses taken at the home institution. Students in external degree programs and/or taking courses at distant sites and centers should inquire about any exceptions which may apply.
  2. Grades of C- or better in courses taken within the University of Maine System and accepted for transfer credit will be recorded on the student’s transcript although not computed into the cumulative grade point average.
  3. All undergraduate courses successfully completed with a C- or better at one University of Maine System institution will transfer to another.
  4. Each student must meet the established requirements of the academic program or college into which s/he is transferring. Transfer credits do not necessarily count toward such requirements.
  5. Transfer students must consult the individual institution catalog to determine requirements regarding the number of degree credits that must be taken through the degree-granting institution.
  6. Transferring students will be expected to provide official transcripts reflecting all previous postsecondary coursework.
  7. Each accepted transfer student will receive a written evaluation of transfer credit. The transfer student should then meet with program faculty/advisors at the receiving institution to review how the transfer credit will be applied.
  8. Course credit will be transferred only for coursework delivered by regionally accredited institutions, through AP or CLEP, or through life experience (i.e. prior learning or other learning such as military training, etc.) when validated through the approved campus processes.
  9. Course credit from international institutions will be accepted for transfer consistent with established institutional policies.
  10. If a student disagrees with a decision made in regard to the transfer of his/her credits from one institution to another, the student may appeal through the regular academic appeals process at the receiving institution.

See Policy Manual Section 304: Transfer of Academic Credit

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