Subject: Academic Degrees

Effective: 7/22/69
Last Revised: 1/14/08

Procedures for Awarding of Academic Degrees:

Degrees in course are awarded by means of a blanket resolution as follows:

Recommended that: the Board of Trustees award degrees in course at the appropriate commencement exercise for the (semester) to those students fully recommended by the appropriate faculties and Presidents of the respective institutions and/or divisions of the University of Maine System, whose names appear in the appropriate commencement programs.

The names of all students receiving degrees in course are appended to the minutes of the Board of Trustees.

Diplomas will be prepared in the following manner:

a. The name of the individual unit at which the degree is awarded will appear in the diploma heading and in the perimeter ring of the University seal which is imprinted in the lower center of the certificate.

b. The text will read:

Be it known that on recommendation of the Faculty, with the concurrence of the President and the Chancellor, and in recognition of the successful completion of the requisite course of study, the Trustees of the University of Maine System have conferred upon the degree of with all the rights, privileges and honors thereto appertaining. In testimony whereof, this diploma is granted at on the day of in the year .

c. The diploma will be signed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor of the University of Maine System, and the President of the University.

See: Policy Manual Section 303: Academic Degrees

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