Section 803 Naming of Physical Facilities

Effective: 04/10/70
Last Revised: 03/18/02; 05/17/99
Responsible Office: Facilities

Policy Statement:
  1. A physical facility is a structure or assembly of structures enclosing or defining an occupiable space or activity area. For the purposes of this Policy, this definition includes major additions and renovated structures, but does not include individual rooms within buildings, outside areas such as gardens or athletic fields, or physical objects such as fixtures and equipment.
  2. The naming of any physical facility in the University of Maine System is reserved to the Board of Trustees. Naming of any other campus area or object is reserved to the President of that University.
  3. Facilities may be named for any individual, living or dead, except for current employees or current members of the Board of Trustees. Other acceptable names include, but are not limited to, geographical designations, functions, or University groups.
  4. Facilities may be named for, or on the recommendation of, a major contributor to the cost of the facility. A contribution equivalent to at least 25% of the project cost is suggested for a naming gift for a physical facility.
  5. Naming gifts may also be made when a donor establishes an endowment whose income is adequate to provide at least 75% of expected annual operating costs (utilities, custodial and maintenance).
  6. Recommendations to the Chancellor and Trustees for names of physical facilities shall be made by the President of a University after consultation with such committees as may be established for this purpose. The Chancellor may recommend exceptions to any of these guidelines under unusual circumstances.