Section 709 Investments

Effective: 1/25/88
Last Revised: 3/24/03, 9/23/13
Responsible Office: Finance

Policy Statement:

The Trustees provide for the prudent investment of assets held in the institution’s defined benefit pension fund, managed investment pool (including endowments), and operating fund portfolio. In addition, the Trustees provide fiduciary oversight regarding investment aspects of the defined contribution retirement plan. The Trustees may also provide oversight or guidance regarding other investment related matters as needed.

The Trustee Investment Committee responsibilities include (1) establishing and maintaining written investment objectives and guidelines, (2) monitoring performance of the funds, and (3) selecting and monitoring investment managers for the funds or, with regard to the defined contribution plan, selecting and monitoring investment offerings available to participants.

The Investment Committee routinely updates the Board of Trustees on investment matters including policies and performance.

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