Section 704.1 Student Activity Fees

Effective: 9/23/71
Last Revised: 1/25/99;
Responsible Office:  Finance

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees recognizes the educational value of student-administered funds for educational, cultural, social, and recreational purposes, consistent with Board policy and law.  The Board recognizes its ultimate responsibility for these funds and delegates to the Chancellor and the Presidents the authority to assure that student government funds are expended for University-related educational, cultural and recreational purposes.

The President, after consultation with students, shall submit to the Chancellor for his approval, a University plan for the allocation of and accountability for student activity funds, which is consistent with such guidelines as the Chancellor may establish.  An awareness of the understanding of the Board’s responsibility for approval of the fee shall be apparent in the framework of the plan.

Changes to the amount of the fee shall be requested by the recognized student governing body at each University and authorized after (a) a referendum approved by the student body, (b) approval of the President and, (c) approval of the Chancellor for presentation and approval by the Board of Trustees.

Procedures for administration of the use and fiscal management of the student activity fee shall be defined, with responsibility allocated, and provision shall be made for periodic review of the use and post audit of the fee.  A copy of the approved plan for each University shall be appended to Trustee records for information.

Adjustments to Student Activity Fees will be considered by the Board at its May meeting, in order to allow sufficient time for a student government to conduct a spring referendum on any changes proposed to the fee.