Section 506 Athletic Programs

Effective: 11/29/78
Last Revised: 5/21/90
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement:

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for student participation in athletic programs and encourages all campuses to establish and maintain quality programs consistent with the institution’s mission.

The Board accepts the premise that the purpose of establishing such programs is to provide students with opportunities for physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. Program offerings at each campus should encompass, as is consistent with its mission, the total spectrum — intramural, leisure/recreational, club and intercollegiate — and be cognizant of the interest and needs of its students.

The Board re-affirms its commitment and support for the conference membership and level of competition for the athletic programs now established at each of the campuses. Any future reconsideration of status of conference membership or level of competition must be brought to the Board for approval.

The Board takes its responsibility very seriously for protecting the quality and integrity of the athletic programs at each of the campuses and will continue to monitor and request periodic reviews of the established policies and procedures for the conduct of such programs.

Procedures Specific to Intercollegiate Athletic Programs:
  1. Each campus will support and maintain quality intercollegiate athletic programs appropriate to the mission of the institution.
  2. Participation in intercollegiate athletics is a legitimate part of student life; however, the primary reason, which must be protected, for the qualified student’s matriculation is to complete an academic program in order to earn a degree.
  3. The program must be in compliance with all policies and procedures of the particular athletic association or conference with which the institution maintains membership as well as in adherence to established Board of Trustees policies.
  4. It is the intent that each Campus will provide appropriate opportunities for both female and male students in order to meet the purpose of Title IX Federal Regulations.
  5. Each Campus will maintain a financial plan for its athletic program. This plan should reflect balanced support between internal and, where applicable, external sources of funding. Funding sources of any kind should be clearly delineated in establishing the plan.
  6. The President, in consultation with appropriate advisory bodies, is responsible for determining the direction and major policies governing intercollegiate athletics.
  7. The President will submit periodic reports to the Board of Trustees to include reflections on philosophy, organization, conduct of the program, and funding.