Section 505 Substance Abuse: Students

Effective: 1/23/89
Last Revised:
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement:

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees recognizes that substance abuse is a complex problem which is not easily resolvable solely by personal effort and may require professional assistance and/or treatment. Accordingly each campus and Systemwide Services shall designate an individual to assist students who seek referral for assistance with a substance abuse problem. The campuses shall take necessary steps to insure the confidentiality of all inquiries and referrals. All students shall be informed periodically of the availability of help for substance abuse problems. Campuses shall also make available to students informational materials regarding substance abuse.

Students with substance abuse problems are encouraged to take advantage of available diagnostic, referral, counseling, and prevention services. However, students who do so cannot be exempted from academic and student conduct standards nor can they be excused or held not responsible for substance abuse related acts of misconduct.

The possession, use, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs as defined by federal, state, and local statutes is prohibited at any time on University property. Students known to possess, use, manufacture or distribute illegal drugs are liable to public law enforcement sanctions and University disciplinary action. Use of alcoholic beverages on University property shall be in compliance with state laws and campus regulations and procedures. Violation of such laws, regulations and procedures may result in disciplinary action and, where applicable, criminal proceedings.