Section 407 Labor Relations

Effective: 6/23/76
Last Revised: 11/16/98; 3/23/07
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement:

It is the public policy of the State that certain University of Maine System employees be provided the right to join labor organizations of their choosing in order to be represented in collective bargaining for terms and conditions of employment.

The Board of Trustees recognizes that the decision whether or not to elect to be represented by a labor organization must ultimately be made by University employees; nevertheless the Board maintains its responsibility to assure that whatever decision is reached is an informed one and is agreed to by the largest possible number of affected employees.

Employees will be informed about collective bargaining matters and encouraged to participate in any elections which might occur.

The Board of Trustees seeks to maintain positive relationships with all employee organizations while striking an appropriate balance between the rights of the employees under the University of Maine System Labor Relations Act and the effective management of the University System and stewardship of its resources.

The Chancellor is designated by the Board of Trustees as their representative for purposes of negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements with properly authorized labor organizations. The Chancellor shall coordinate all collective bargaining activities with institutions or units on matters of general University concern and, as the Chancellor deems proper, is authorized to delegate operational responsibility as the Board of Trustees designee for collective bargaining matters. The results of negotiations are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

Three student representatives shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees to meet and confer with the System bargaining team as provided by statute.

The following principals underlie the Board’s labor relations philosophy:

  • The Board of Trustees and its representatives shall treat employees and their representatives with respect and dignity in recognition of the important contributions that faculty and staff make to the success of the universities and the System as a whole.
  • The Board of Trustees and its representatives strive for and expect mutually respectful relationships with bargaining agents.
  • The Board of Trustees and its representatives shall make use of the best practices in human resource management in the conduct of its labor relations program and will seek and value ideas and input from diverse perspectives and constituencies.
  • The labor relations program shall proactively engage and partner with university officials and the Board in developing and implementing collective bargaining agreements.
  • The administration of negotiated Agreements shall be guided by the spirit of fairness and objectivity in application and interpretation of employee rights and benefits.
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