Section 406 Emeritus Status

Effective: 6/24/74
Last Revised: 11/13/00; 11/17/14
Responsible Office: Human Resources


The award of Emeritus Status is intended as a special honor for University employees who have served the University of Maine System with great distinction. Emeritus Status is granted to only those whose service has been most commendable and is in recognition of extraordinary contributions.

Emeritus Status may be awarded upon departure from the University of Maine System to faculty, staff, and senior administrators according to the guidelines below. The awarding of the Emeritus title is without salary. Rights and privileges pertaining to Emeritus Status will be determined at the campus level for faculty and staff and at the System and or Board level for Presidents and Chancellors. Each University will establish procedures for making recommendations to the President for selection of individuals to hold Emeritus positions.

Guidelines for Emeritus Status:
  1. An employee must be separated, or be separating from the position with the University of Maine System.
  2. The employee must have an established record of distinguished service while employed in their position.
  3. The employee must have completed or is completing employment with the University of Maine System in good standing.
  4. A University of Maine System President may confer the title of Emeritus upon any retiring faculty or staff member with at least 15 years of full-time service.
  5. After a recommendation from the Chancellor, the Board of Trustees may confer after appropriate resolution Emeritus Status upon a retiring President or former President with at least 5 years of service.
  6. The Board of Trustees may confer by appropriate resolution the honorary office of Chancellor Emeritus on a retiring or former Chancellor with at least 5 years of service.
  7. Exceptions to the Emeritus Status policy may be made with approval from the Board of Trustees.
Revocation of Emeritus Status:

At the discretion of the University of Maine System, Emeritus Status may be revoked at any time. Revocation may occur when it is determined that an individual’s conduct, before or after Emeritus Status has been granted, causes harm to the University of Maine System’s reputation. Emeritus Status is “at will” and applies to all individuals who currently hold or may be granted such status in the future.