Section 404.3 Appointments

Effective: 7/25/79
Last Revised: 3/23/98; 11/14/11; 7/9/12
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustee will receive a report each March, July and November of appointments at or above the level of Dean (or equivalent).  A position shall be considered to be at the level of Dean or equivalent regardless of title if the position has administrative responsibility for a major organizational unit of the institution, such as a college, school or program.  The report shall include the position title, employee’s name, date of appointment, base salary and a brief synopsis of the employee’s professional and educational background.

In order to provide for appropriate oversight, equitable treatment of employees, and prudent use of resources, the Chancellor is authorized to set requirements for review and approval by the Chancellor or System level designee of decisions to create and fill positions, appointments, and initial salaries and subsequent salary adjustments.  The Chancellor, in consultation with the Presidents’ Council, will establish procedures for forwarding actions to the Chancellor for approval. The parameters and salary levels for such approval shall be established by the Chancellor

Each University and the System Office shall maintain a public file of salaries, including stipends, of faculty and other professionals employed by that unit.

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