University of Maine System Board of Trustees policy provides for shared appointments. In appropriate circumstances, two persons may be appointed to share a single full-time faculty position or a full-time non-represented faculty or professional and administrative staff position. A shared appointment involves a single, full-time regular appointment held by two people in the same department or academic grouping who divide full-time duties between them, each person being able to discharge all the duties of the position.


The salary is equivalent to one full-time salary, rather than being based on a part-time schedule, and all fringe benefits allocated to a full-time appointment are granted. Any future increases will be apportioned as follows: (1) any across-the-board percentage increases will be applied to each salary, (2) any discretionary increase will be applied individually to each salary. However, any maximum dollar amount applicable to a discretionary increase will be applied to the sum of the two increases.


The duties of the position are the same as for any comparable full-time employee including, in the case of faculty, research, number of courses taught, number of advisees, and committee assignments. Thus, this shared full-time contractual arrangement differs from an ordinary full-time contractual arrangement only by applying to two people. Each employee assumes one-half of the duties of the position. Specific assignments may vary from time to time. The workload for each individual shall be determined by appropriate University administrators. In the case of faculty, the position shall have no less than one vote in departmental affairs, and each may be granted voting rights in departmental affairs in accordance with departmental policies.

Evaluation, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure

In the case of faculty, policies and procedures regarding reappointment, evaluation, promotion, and tenure applicable to full-time regular faculty will be followed. The quantity and quality of teaching, research, and public and University service expected of the faculty members jointly will be that normally expected of one full-time faculty member.

At the time of each evaluation or reappointment consideration and at the time of consideration for tenure or promotion each faculty member will be evaluated separately and without reference to the merits of the case involving the other. Both, neither, or only one could receive reappointment, promotion, or tenure.
The faculty members need not apply for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure or Professor at the same time. The shared appointment shall continue with the individuals at different ranks if one is promoted. The minimum promotion increase for each individual shall be one-half the normal minimum increase.

In the case of professional and administrative staff, policies and procedures regarding appointment and evaluation normally applicable to full-time regular non-represented professional and administrative staff will be followed.

If one of the two employees should be non-reappointed or, in the case of faculty, denied tenure while the other receives reappointment or tenure; or if in any case the shared appointment should end (for example, as the result of one party’s resignation, death, or disability), the remaining employee will have the options of retaining the half-time position or leaving the position. Should it be determined that departmental need with respect to the remaining employee’s area of specialization and affirmative action considerations would be met by having the individual assume the position full-time, that option may also be offered. In the event that an offer to assume the position full-time is either not made or is made and declined, a search shall be conducted to fill the other portion of the shared position, and the remaining employee shall be eligible to apply for it.

Sabbatical Eligibility

The shared position accrues one year of service counted toward eligibility for sabbatical or educational/professional development leave each year. Both individuals need not apply for such leave in the same year. The salary received by either individual during a sabbatical leave will be based on that individual’s share of the position’s salary.

Group Health, Insurances and Retirement

Each individual will be eligible to enroll in the University System’s group health plan subject to approval by the insurance carrier. Each individual will be required to participate in the System’s group life insurance program, subject to approval by the insurance carrier.

The amount of life insurance provided to each individual will be equal to that individual’s share of the position salary rounded to the next highest one-thousand dollars. Each individual will be required to participate in the University System’s retirement program in accordance with the provisions of the program. System and individual contributions will be based on each individual’s share of the salary for the position. Both individuals will be covered by the University System’s long term disability insurance policy, subject to approval by the insurance carrier. Both individuals may elect coverage for optional employee-paid benefits.

Disability Leave

Each individual shall accrue disability leave at one-half the rate of a full-time regular employee. One-half day of disability leave shall be taken for each day the individual is unable to be on campus or other appropriate job site due to disability, regardless of whether the job-sharing partner temporarily assumes the assigned activities. Each individual shall have a disability leave balance. Disability leave may not be transferred from one individual to the other.

Overload and Summer Salary

Each individual shall be eligible for overload assignments with any limitation on overloads applied to each individual independently. At the mutual agreement of the department, the individual and the designated University administrator, additional overload assignments, up to the equivalent of a full-time workload may be assigned. Where applicable, each individual will be eligible for research compensation and “summer salary” for any fraction of his/her individual full-time work year not committed to this appointment, subject to any limitations of funding agencies.

University Support for Research and Professional Travel

Requests for University support for research and professional travel will be considered on their merits through processes applicable to such requests. In apportionment of resources within the department the principle that benefits accruing to the two individuals shall be the benefits of one position shall be observed. However, in competitions for University support, such as the Faculty Summer Research Fund, each individual’s application shall be independently considered.

Bargaining Unit Status

For a full-time faculty position which is filled through a shared appointment, the position will be included in the full-time faculty bargaining unit, subject to negotiation with the Associated Faculties of the University of Maine System, MEA/NEA. Rights and responsibilities of membership in the Association shall be determined by the Association.

Shared Appointment Agreements

At the time an appointment is made to a shared position, the terms of the appointment shall be specified in a shared appointment agreement which shall be forwarded by the President for approval of the Chancellor.