Section 311 Intra-system Student Exchange

Effective: 11/12/90
Last Revised: 11/19/18
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement:

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees is committed to providing students with System-wide access to the full array of educational opportunities available from its universities and reducing barriers to degree completion and educational attainment for Maine’s citizens. System universities must work collaboratively to ensure that courses generated and provided from one university are available and accessible to individuals matriculated at any other System university on the same terms and conditions as available to those matriculated at the university from which the course is provided and subject to consistent registration, financial aid eligibility, and assessment and academic integrity standards.  This form of academic collaboration will foster the most efficient use of the System’s academic program assets and resources and best serve students attending System universities.

Toward these ends, a student in good standing and matriculated at one University of Maine System (UMS) institution may register for a course or courses at another UMS institution, with the same rights and privileges at the host institution as any student regularly matriculated at that institution, including pre-registration and payment of tuition and fees. This policy does not alter any residency requirements that may be in effect at the student’s home institution.

System-wide access to academic coursework should be made available through (but not limited to) course cross-listing or campus cross-registration.  Instruction may be delivered in any instructional format conducive to meeting best learning practices.

System and campus chief academic officers will develop the necessary administrative procedures to carry out this policy and best meet its intent, and should continue to explore other accreditable methods to facilitate broader seamless course and program sharing between the university system’s campuses.

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