Section 309 Organization & Establishment of Major Units

Effective: 1/29/90
Last Revised:
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees recognizes that a university is a dynamic institution that must anticipate as well as respond to changing programmatic, social, and demographic conditions. From time to time, the System and/or institution will want to add or eliminate operating units or conduct a significant university reorganization in order to continue effectively and efficiently to meet its mission and carry out its daily operations. Since reorganization and the addition, elimination or merger of operating units will have implications for the mission and budget of the institution, these actions require prior Board approval.

Chancellor review and Board approval is required for all of the following when there are budget or mission implications for the individual university or System:

All university reorganizations involving major university units such as vice-presidential divisions, colleges, schools, academic divisions and departments.

Reorganization, establishment, elimination, or merging of colleges, schools, academic divisions and departments, off-campus Instructional centers, and centers, institutes, laboratories, and bureaus in the research and public service areas.

Establishment of university centers or other new units which provide academic or student support services and which commit University resources over an extended period of time.

Renaming of a unit where there is neither a substantial change in activity and mission nor a change in organizational level does not require approval by the Board of Trustees, but the Chancellor shall be informed of any change in the name of a unit.

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