Section 303.1  Limit Undergraduate Degrees to 121 Credit Hours

Effective:  1/23/2012
Last Revised:
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

Policy Statement:

The growing number of credit hours required for some academic programs and majors has made it difficult for students to complete their degrees in four years. In order to advance students toward degrees in a timely fashion, the maximum number of credit hours required to earn a degree at a university in the University of Maine System should be no more than 121.  Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis, such as program accreditation requirements.  Exceptions will be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chief Academic Officers, who will forward their recommendations to the Chancellor.  The maximum number of credit hours is different at the University of Maine at Farmington, which operates under a four-credit system, so it has a limit of 128.

University program intent to plans submitted after this policy becomes effective will be required to provide a rationale for any program that requires more than 121 credit hours for degree completion.

It is expected that all universities will comply with this policy by May 2014.

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