Section 210 Legal Affairs

Effective: 5/20/96
Last Revised:
Responsible Office: University Counsel

Policy Statement:

The University of Maine System is a corporate and independent legal entity created by and organized under the private and special, and public laws of the State of Maine and as such may sue and be sued only in its corporate capacity as the University of Maine System.

The University of Maine System’s need for legal advice has expanded significantly in recent years resulting from the growth of federal and state regulation of higher education, advances in technology, the complexity of employment relationships and student expectations, expansion of cooperative and business relationships with third parties, burgeoning entrepreneurial opportunities and the increased litigiousness of society in general. To effectively and uniformly respond to legal matters, review and management of these matters must be handled centrally. Therefore, all legal advice significantly affecting the legal position of the University of Maine System shall be provided by the University Counsel acting in his/her role as legal counsel to the University of Maine System or by outside counsel authorized by University Counsel.