Section 209 Intellectual Property

Effective: 9/29/86
Last Revised: 5/21/01
Responsible Office: University Counsel

Policy Statement:

The University of Maine System is a public institution devoted to teaching, research, service and other scholarly activities. Its personnel, including faculty, staff, and fellows, wage-payroll employees and persons on “visiting” appointments carry on research and other activities supported by the University System, from their own resources and/or by contracts or grants with outside sponsors. The Board of Trustees encourages and supports the development of intellectual property, which is defined as any inventions, copyrightable works, trademarks and tangible research property. Through its policies and procedures, the University System recognizes the interests of all the parties involved, provides the mechanism for making a proper and equitable distribution of benefits, and assists scholars in benefitting from their creative efforts. Recognizing the many circumstances in which intellectual property may be produced, the need for equitable division of income with its scholars, and the prudent exercise of public trust, the University System Intellectual Property Committee, consisting of seven persons recommended by University Presidents and appointed by the Chancellor, shall be established to review the procedures periodically and hear appeals, and when appropriate, make recommendations to the Chancellor.

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