Section 205 Faculty and Student Representation to Board

Effective: 11/18/71
Last Revised: 7/10/06; 1/11/10; 7/15/13; 9/28/2020, 4/24/2024
Responsible Office: Clerk of the Board

Policy Statement:

The Trustees endorse the concept of faculty and student access to the University System decision-making process to provide advice and opinions on matters of common interest, and to enhance communication and sense of community within the University of Maine System.

The implementation of Private and Special Law 2023, chapter 14 sets forth the policy governing the process for recommending the appointment of student trustees to the Board of Trustees and supersedes any conflicting requirements of this Policy.

To create the environment for interaction among and between faculty and student representatives, the Trustees and System administration, the Trustees will provide opportunities for participation in the meetings of the committees of the Board.

One faculty member from each of the universities and Law School, one undergraduate student from each of the universities, and one graduate student each from the University of Southern Maine, the University of Maine, and the Law School will be appointed by the Board as non-voting representatives to the Board of Trustees and invited to participate as non-voting members on the Academic & Student Affairs Committee and the Finance/Facilities & Technology Committee.

The faculty and student governing bodies at each university are charged to develop procedures through the institution’s formal committee selection processes for the election of one member each as representatives to the Board of Trustees.  Normally, the representative is expected to complete a two year term; therefore, it is an expectation that the minimum term of service by both faculty and student representatives to the Board be two years.  The nominations will be forwarded through the Presidents to the Chancellor for submission to the Board for Trustee approval.

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