Section 203.1 Chancellor – Evaluation Process

Effective: 2/82
Last Revised: 7/17/89; 7/12/2010, 4/8/24
Responsible Office: Clerk of the Board

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees shall conduct an annual review of the Chancellor’s performance to be completed in May.  In the third year of the Chancellor’s service or at the discretion of the Chair of the Board, the review will be a comprehensive review as described below.  The Board may modify the timing and scope of an annual or comprehensive review as needed to meet needs of the System, with notice to the Chancellor.  More frequent reviews may also be conducted at the discretion of the Board.

In years in which there is not a comprehensive review of the Chancellor, the Board Chair, the Vice Chair, Chair of the Human Resources and Labor Relations Committees, and up to two other members selected by the Board Chair will comprise a Review Group, chaired by the Board of Trustees Chair, to conduct the review of the Chancellor’s performance. The Chancellor will submit a self assessment, together with a statement of proposed goals for the coming fiscal year, in March, which the Chair will distribute to all Board members along with a request for written input on the Chancellor’s performance.  Utilizing the Chancellor’s self assessment and the input from Board members, the Review Group will meet with the Chancellor, to discuss both performance strengths and weaknesses and to finalize the Chancellor’s goals for the coming year.  Following the meeting, the Chair will prepare a letter to the Chancellor summarizing the performance review and recommend to the Board any adjustments to the Chancellor’s compensation for the coming year.

The Comprehensive Review in the third year of service, or at the discretion of the Chair of the Board, will be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  1. The Review Group will establish a specific schedule, beginning in January, and time frame for the completion of the tasks necessary for the process.
  2. The Review Group will select an external reviewer to conduct the comprehensive review and to report to the Review Group.
  3. The external reviewer will work with the Review Group to establish the review process, develop criteria for assessing the Chancellor’s performance and leadership, develop assessment tools, determine the parties to be consulted, and identify all issues and areas to be considered.
  4. The Comprehensive Review will include at a minimum:
    1. A self-assessment statement prepared by the Chancellor addressing the areas and issues determined by the Review Group and external reviewer, and
    2. Interviews with, or other means of obtaining feedback from, all Board members, Presidents, senior staff, and any other parties selected by the reviewer and Review Group.
  5. The external reviewer will meet with the Review Group to review the findings of the review process, following which the Review Group and the reviewer will meet with the Board.
  6. The external reviewer will prepare a draft report. The external reviewer and the Review Group will then meet with the Chancellor to discuss the draft report.
  7. The external reviewer will finalize the report and forward it to the Review Group and the Chancellor, who will discuss the final report. Following any further revisions by the outside reviewer which may be requested by the Review Group, the Review Group will approve the final report and will forward the final report to the Board.
  8. . Before the Board acts on extending the Chancellor’s contract, the Review Group will report to the Board on the outcome of the review and will recommend to the Board any adjustments to the Chancellor’s compensation for the coming year and whether to extend the Chancellor’s contact.