Section 202 Appearances Before Board of Trustees

Effective: 6/10/71
Last Revised: 7/22/91
Responsible Office: Clerk of the Board

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees recognizes a responsibility to hear the views of interested persons on issues directly related to University System policy. Each regular meeting of the Board will include an opportunity, prior to the business agenda, for citizen input at which time citizens will be permitted to address the Board for a period of time established by the Chair.

Personnel decisions, collective bargaining issues, grievances, litigation, and other areas excludable from public discussion under the Maine Freedom of Access Law shall not constitute appropriate matters for such input. The Chair of the Board will determine any questions of appropriateness and relevancy.


Individuals wanting to make a presentation shall submit a written request to the Clerk of the Board prior to the time of the scheduled meeting or shall sign an appearance sheet prior to the commencement of the scheduled public meeting. This request shall a) identify the individual making the presentation and b) specify the subject matter to be addressed.