Section 101 Foreword

Last Revised: 8/97; 6/15/11
Responsible Office: Clerk of the Board

System Policies: Scope and Authority

The official actions of the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System and its component universities are in recognition of:

1. Federal and State Law. All policies of the University of Maine System are subject to all relevant laws, rules, and regulations of the federal government and the government of the State of Maine.

2. Board Bylaws. Board Bylaws govern the organization and conduct of Board activities and compliance is expected at all times.

3. System Policies. Board approved policies establish direction for the System. Policies are developed through appropriate consultation between the Board and the System administration; responsibility for implementation and periodic review of Board approved policies is charged to the Chancellor. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining an updated copy of System Policies.

4. System Practices. System Administrative/Academic Memoranda will be issued periodically by senior staff of the System Office to provide uniform procedures on matters not fully addressed in System Policies.

System Policy Manual

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees Policy Manual was initiated in 1975.

It is issued to Members of the Board of Trustees, appropriate System offices, and to Presidents Offices at each institution. The Manual is available on the System website at under the entries “Board of Trustees” and “Policy Manual.”

Sections include: Governance and Legal Affairs, Academic Affairs, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Research and Public Service, Financial Affairs, Facilities, Information Technologies and Other (those Board approved policies which do not generally belong in any specific section.)