Section 1001 Review of Non-academic Programs

Effective: 7/12/93
Last Revised:
Responsible Office: Treasurer

Policy Statement:

The Board of Trustees recognizes that a university system is a dynamic institution that must anticipate as well as respond to changing economic conditions and programmatic demands.

It is the intent the development and implementation of this policy statement to encourage a process for the administrative review of non-academic programs. By definition, non-academic programs fall within the following categories: development, financial affairs, institutional support, physical plant, student programs and services, and technology.

Guidelines for Review:
  1.  Purpose
    1. to confirm the quality, appropriateness to mission, demand, and cost effectiveness of the program;
    2. to identify aspects of the program which require improvement and target resources for the enhancement;
    3. to delineate aspects of the program which should be eliminated or scaled down;
    4. to establish a rationale for the development of a new or elimination of an old program.
  2. Criteria
    1. Centrality to the mission;
    2. Quality of program;
    3. Program demand and unnecessary duplication either in the System or other State Agencies;
    4. Cost and resources for the program.
  3. Procedures
    1. A general process for the review of non-academic programs will be developed by the appropriate institution or unit.
    2. The review shall be conducted on regular five-year cycles, unless otherwise specified by the President or Chancellor.
    3. A schedule for review shall be on file in the Office of the Treasurer.