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This website is where you’ll find information about the University of Maine System and its students, budget, and staff. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please use the search box in the upper right corner of the page.

Fast Facts about the UMS

Chancellor James H. Page
Founded in 1968
Degrees Conferred 2012/2013 - 5,661
Headcount Enrollment Spring 2014 – 28,040

Click here to read our Dashboard Indicators Report, a more detailed summary of key UMS indicators.

Reports and Information


  • The University of Maine System conferred 6,054 degrees in 2011-12. In the last decade, the University of Maine System has conferred 54,657 degrees.
  • Students at the University of Maine System receive financial assistance from four major sources: Federal (71%), University (23%), Private (3%), and State (3%).

2012-13 Degrees Conferred Report
Summary of Student Enrollment – Spring 2014
Financial Aid Report – FY2013
Student Charges Report – FY2014
Student Remediation Data – Jan. 2014

Student-Related — additional reports

Finance and Facilities

  • In‐state undergraduate tuition and the mandatory unified fee are frozen at FY12 levels. This is the first time in a quarter century (FY1987) that there has been no tuition increase for two years.
  • Grants and contracts revenues totaled $162 million in FY12, decreasing $7 million from FY11.

FY2012 Facilities & Capital Investment Report
FY2013 Annual Financial Report
Multi-Year Financial Analysis – FY2015-2019
Operating Budget & Student Charges – FY2015
UMS Energy Report
UMS Carbon Emissions Report

Finance and Facilities — additional reports

Employees – Human Resources

  • The UMS has 5,590 employees system-wide.
  • 66.6% (847) of the faculty in the UMS have tenure.
  • 57.5% (732) of the faculty are men, and 42.5% (540) are women. The percentage of faculty who are women has increased from 21.9% in 1981 to 42.5% in 2014.

FY2014 Employee Headcount Report
2013-14 Faculty and Tenure Statistics
Salaries of Regular Employees

Human Resources — additional reports


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