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The University of Maine System provides funding to help increase student access to career-relevant experiential learning opportunity.  These experiences are referred to by a wide array of names, including internships, co-ops, clinicals, practicals, apprenticeships, or any temporary employment. 

Students participating in a qualifying experiential learning opportunity may request up to: 

  • $500 if their experience is expected to last at least 75 hours. 
  • $1000 if their experience is expected to last more than 150 hours.
  • $1500 if their experience is over 225 hours. 

Step-by-Step Instructions to Apply for Funds

  1. Secure an experiential learning opportunity, such as an internship, student teaching, micro-internship, apprenticeship, etc.
  2. Participate in a required, pre-experience training. This can be at your university through a pre-professional course or career readiness bootcamp, or it can be online through the Brightspace course linked below. If you are signed up for an upcoming training that will take place before your experiential learning opportunity, you may go ahead and apply with information about the training that you will complete.
  3. Work with your employer/supervisor/coordinator to create learning outcomes (External Site)
  4. Have the employer/supervisor/coordinator fill out the employer fillable form (External Site).
  5. Fill out the Google Form to submit your application for funds.

After you participate in your experiential learning opportunity, we will request feedback and confirmation that you completed your hours.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but applications for Spring 2024 Internships must be submitted by March 15th and applications for Summer/Fall 2024 Internships must be submitted by April 15th. Awardees will be notified approximately two weeks after each of these deadlines.

If you have questions, email with the subject line “Student Grant Application”.

To Qualify for these supports, you must be a currently enrolled student in a University of Maine System university in good academic standing (above 2.0 GPA and not on academic probation).  You must complete training prior to the opportunity. This training may happen through a pre-internship course or career bootcamp at your university or you can enroll in and complete the Brightspace course linked below. The experiential learning opportunity must meet the following conditions:

  • The experience must be at least 75 hours in length, although there are no requirements for how long it takes to complete these hours.
  • There must be tangible, substantial, and achievable learning outcomes agreed upon by both the student and the employer.
  • The student is strongly encouraged to receive some level of compensation which demonstrates an employers’ commitment to inclusivity.
  • The student must receive mentoring from a designated representative of the employer and may additionally be required to receive mentorship or training from their university of enrollment before or during the experience.
  • The student and employer must agree to provide feedback on the experience after its completion.

These experiential learning opportunity may occur at any time during the year, may be full time or part time, and may be in-person, remote, or a blend of both.

Funding may be used for any allowable expense that makes it easier for a student to participate in the experience.  Examples of allowable expenses include mileage, housing, childcare, work attire, equipment necessary to participate in online or remote experiences, or any supplies or materials that might reasonably be expected for an employee to provide during employment.  Other uses are allowed if their need can be sufficiently demonstrated for access to the experience.  Students participating in a qualifying experiential learning opportunity may request up to: 

  • $500 if their experience is expected to last at least 75 hours. 
  • $1000 if their experience is expected to last more than 150 hours.
  • $1500 if their experience is over 225 hours. 

To receive funding, all students need to complete a pre-experience training. If you have attended or are attending pre-internship training at your home institution, you will be able to document this in the funding application. However, you may still complete this course if you would like to receive the badge.

If you don’t have training available at your university, you may complete the Brightspace course linked below to qualify.

These forms are here for your reference.  You will have access to these documents in the BrightSpace course where you will apply for the funding and complete your pre-internship training.

UMS Pathways to Careers Employer Application Form (PDF)
This form must be downloaded to become fillable.

Learning Outcomes Information (PDF)

If you have questions, please email with the subject line “Student Grant Application”.  

Pathways to Careers is funded with generous support from the Harold Alfond Foundation as part of UMS TRANSFORMS and from the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan (External Site) provided by Governor Mills and the Maine Legislature to the University of Maine System for workforce development.