Together for Maine Briefing and COVID-19 Data Update: 5/26/21  

The University of Maine System is providing the media and stakeholders with an update on COVID-19 related data and progress being made in the return to normal university operations over the summer and for the start of the Fall semester.  This update will be posted at


Updated Guidance Posted

The University in recent days has made a number of updates to University specific guidance.  The specific detailed guidance is available at


In brief: 

Newly in effect:

  1. No more physical distancing (unless specified by campus) 
  2. No outdoor masks

iii. No capacity limits indoors or outdoors (unless specified by campus).


Not new, and still in effect:

  1. Weekly asymptomatic testing for in-person population (unless exempted by


  1. Face coverings required indoors regardless of vaccination status.


This Is Our Shot Maine Update

Requirement Possible Following Full FDA Approval:  The University of Maine System continues to encourage and support vaccination as the smart, responsible step that students, faculty, and staff can take to help move past the pandemic and to promote personal and community health.  As has been reported in the Maine media, vaccination is not yet required at UMS but the policy is likely to change when a vaccination receives a full approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

UMaine and USM Host Pop-Up Vaccination Clinics, Wednesday, May 26:  The University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine / Maine Law are hosting pop-up vaccination clinics today in partnership with local providers to assist students and employees with access to COVID-19 vaccination.  All of the University of Maine System residential universities have hosted a vaccination clinic since state authorities first approved the practice in late April.

3,294 Report Full Vaccination:  Nearly 3,300 members of the UMS community have voluntarily reported their vaccination status using the UMS reporting tool and been verified as fully vaccinated. 

Students and employees who are fully vaccinated and report their status are exempt from the continuing asymptomatic COVID-19 weekly testing this summer for those participating in an in-person campus experience.  Fully vaccinated individuals are also exempt from quarantine requirements if they are a close contact of someone known to have COVID-19.   


Asymptomatic Screening Update Since July 1, 2020

Weekly testing for COVID-19 has decreased dramatically with the end of the semester and the exemption from testing for fully vaccinated individuals.  Results are posted on a public dashboard at


  • 173,010 Test Results to Date
  • 614 positive results representing new diagnoses of COVID-19 all time
  • 1,231 tests in last 14 days
  • 1 positive result in last 14 days

Wastewater Monitoring Continues at USM, UMaine, and the City of Orono:  The University of Maine System Science Advisory Board continues to monitor for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 at USM and at UMaine and the Town of Orono.