Together for Maine Daily Briefing and COVID-19 Data Update

University of Maine System COVID Data by Campus 

102 — Known Case of UMS students or employees in public health agency Isolation among the more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff in the University of Maine System community.

  • 88 UMaine: Thirteen new cases
    • Seven cases involving residential students
    • Five cases involving commuter students
    • One case involving an employee
  • 3 UMA: 
  • 3 UMF:
  • 0 UMFK: 
  • 1 UMM:  
  • 4 UMPI: 
  • 3 USM: One new case involving a student
  • 0 Maine Law

Isolation and Quarantine Capacity Remains Very Strong as In-Person Instruction Comes to a Close for the Fall of 2020:  96% of UMS quarantine space and 87% of UMS isolation space is available.  

The above Data reflects ACTIVE known cases identified through the UMS asymptomatic screening and other testing venues.  When an individual is released from an isolation order by a public health agency the active case number shared in the Together for Maine daily update is reduced to reflect that change.  UMS is reporting 102 known cases today, fourteen cases more than the cases reported in the 11/24/20 update.

Asymptomatic Screening Update for Fall Safe Return

  • 37,982 Test Results to Date
  • 87 positive results representing new diagnoses of COVID-19

The Asymptomatic Screening Dashboard at represents known results on all asymptomatic tests going back to July 22, 2020.  About 48 hours passes from the time a test sample is collected and when the results are known.  

UMS News

Update — Safe Departure Testing Detects 48 Asymptomatic Cases of COVID-19:  Community transmission is occurring throughout Maine.  The University of Maine System conducted safe departure testing to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 that otherwise may have traveled home with students to their families and communities.  With results for approximately 6,300 test results in hand UMS has identified and worked to isolate 48 positive cases of COVID-19 infection.  

Fifty students spending Thanksgiving in Quarantine / Isolation with UMS:  Fifty students across the campuses are expected to be isolating or quarantining on UMS university campuses over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Students are receiving meals, including a Thanksgiving dinner, at no charge and care packages, access to counseling services, check-ins, and invitations to participate in virtual events until they are able to safely travel home.  

100% of In-Person Instruction Complete:  As planned since the start of the fall semester, the University of Maine System transitions to distance instruction for the remainder of the Fall semester today with the start of the Thanksgiving break.  We will welcome students back for the start of the spring semester classes on January 25. 

UMS Scientific Advisory Board Completes Round Seven Analysis:  The University of Maine System Scientific Advisory Board, Chaired by President Joan Ferrini-Mundy, has reviewed the results of the latest round of COVID-19 sampling, which was the final of seven planned rounds of fall surveillance testing.  Approximately, 6,300 tests have been completed in the final round, including more than 1,000 tests as part of a random sample of members of the University community. 

The Advisory Board and the University System monitor the positivity rate (number of positive results out of total number of all test results) of the University System’s testing overall.  The national positivity rate is currently estimated at 9.6%.  Maine’s overall 7-day positivity rate has recently increased to more than 2%. The current cumulative positivity rate from the University System’s testing stands at 0.2% or 87 positive tests of ~38,000 completed tests as of November 25, 2020.  The 14-day positivity rate of the University’s testing currently is 0.64% or 41 positive results of 6,424 results, as posted on the University’s online testing dashboard.  In the random sample portion of Round 7, the positivity rate was approximately 0.4% or 6 positive tests of ~1,370 tests.   

The Advisory Board also estimates prevalence rates. The current round of results, with 6 positive results in the random sample and taking into account all prior results this fall, support an inference with 95% confidence that the University System’s in-person population has an estimated prevalence rate of not more than 0.6%. A prevalence rate is a different measure from the positivity rate. A positivity rate is the percentage of tests that are positive out of the total number of tests conducted.  For example, the University’s positivity rate is calculated based on testing that includes both random sampling and administratively-directed testing, sometimes including populations of concern such as the close contacts of a COVID-positive individual.  A positivity rate of a tested population that includes close contacts can easily result in a higher rate of positive results than the estimated prevalence rate across the entirety of the community. A prevalence rate is the level of disease in a particular population and any estimate of the prevalence rate must be based on a randomly-selected sample.  The current estimated prevalence rate is a marked increase from prior estimates and takes into special consideration the elevated incidence of positive cases the university observed in the most recent rounds of testing.

This seventh and final round of testing concludes the University’s planned asymptomatic testing for the in-person portion of the University of Maine System’s fall semester  

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