This micro-credential recognizes and validates the learner’s successful completion of the University of Maine System (UMS) Innovation pathway (Levels 1, 2 and 3). Recipients of this micro-credential also earned Education Design Lab 21st Century skills badges Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Learners completed training in creating, communicating and evaluating innovation strategies. The recipients of this micro-credential were mentored through the innovation process and applied their knowledge by completing an approved innovation project or internship. Learners also led an idea generation session with a group outside of a course or training. Learners developed competency in the application of innovation skills by seeking out stakeholder opinions and using Innovation Engineering strategies. They developed an innovative mindset and demonstrated the ability to create marketable ideas and ways to act on those ideas. Learners developed skills in creating visuals and/or functional prototypes, creative problem solving, critical thinking and systems thinking. Further, learners reflected on the attainment of their learning goals, the application and synthesis of their learning and skill development and the impact of their work on the community. Evidence was verified and assessed using rubrics by authorized UMS faculty and staff to ensure UMS micro-credential quality standards were met.

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University of Maine Foster Center for Student Innovation: Matthew Hodgkin (email for more information:


Foster Center for Student Innovation – Innovation Micro-Credential webpage (External Site) 


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