Veterans & Service Members

Veterans and service members are eligible for significant tuition assistance.

A better life is possible with a college degree.

Over the course of your military career, you may have seen your fellow service members utilizing their benefits to attend college. It may be one of the reasons you decided to enter the military. As a veteran of the military, you qualify for a college education benefit. You have likely seen your peers and fellow veterans use this benefit, but may not know where to start for your own college journey. Now that you’re ready to think about college, you may have questions (Will I “fit in” to college? Can I fit classes into my life? How do I use the benefits I earned from my service?). And the application may feel overwhelming. We’re here to answer these questions and guide you through the process.

The University of Maine System is here to help you figure it all out. We understand the challenges veterans and service members may face when returning to college—childcare, transportation, finances, juggling responsibilities and so much more.

By pursuing a degree you may be choosing to finally reach that goal, you may want to be a role model for your children or may want the skills for a higher paying career to support you or your family.

Whatever your reason, you are not alone. There are many adults right now making the same decisions and looking to go back to school for their own reasons. And, there are people at the University of Maine System that are here to help you along the way.

Better earnings, better opportunities, better stability and even better health through employer-provided insurance plans are possible when you earn your college degree.

How to get started on your path to earning a college degree:

Talk to a Veteran Advisor at your college:

If you know which University of Maine System campus you want to attend, connect to the services and communities for veterans on our campuses.

All University of Maine System campuses have School Certifying Officials to help you navigate the process of accessing your educational benefits:

Explore University of Maine System resources for veterans and service members looking to earn a college degree for a better life: