Transfer to the University of Maine System

Finish faster by applying transfer credits to your degree.

A better life is possible with a college degree.

Thinking of transferring to a school within the University of Maine System? Maybe you want to transfer from one of our seven universities to another, maybe you are thinking of changing majors or maybe you want to transfer from a school that is out of state or elsewhere. Finishing your degree is all about “fit” and finding the right school for you. Regardless of where you have come from, we can help you achieve your goals when you enroll in one of over 100 programs, degrees and certificates offered throughout the system. Better earnings, better opportunities, better stability and even better health through employer-provided insurance plans are possible when you earn your college degree. No matter where you are coming from, we want you to be a part of the University of Maine System family.

How to get started on your path to earning a college degree for a better life: