Professional Development and Graduate Courses

Expand on what you already know with professional development and graduate courses.

Learning does not stop once you enter the workforce. Employers expect continuous learning, up-to-date skills and modern knowledge. You may just need that one course, or you may have been thinking about adding a graduate degree to your resume. Find the right fit for you at one of Maine’s innovative universities.

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Gain relevant skills that are needed in today’s workforce.

A better life is possible with verified skills. A “micro-credential” showcases your competency in skills needed in today’s workforce. A verified credential is earned when learners can demonstrate what they know—and what they can do—related to a specific area of study. They showcase your understanding of a specific topic through evidence and application. And, the micro-credentials are made up of stacked digital badges along a pathway that highlight the skills needed to be successful.

Micro-credentials are available cost-free to all students enrolled in a University of Maine System program. They are also available as professional development opportunities for individuals already in the workforce. Job seekers with micro-credentials have better opportunities, which can lead to better earnings, stability and professional confidence. Learn more about micro-credentials on the student success micro-credential webpage.