Explore Career Opportunities for a Better Life

There are many different ways to find better job opportunities with a degree. The University of Maine System Career Insights Tool can help you figure out what you would like to do and match it with information about in-demand careers. Find something interesting? The Career Insight tool can show you which degree or certificate  you need to start your new career.

Just as there are many different paths to get to a destination on a map, there are many different credentials that can work or “stack”  together to provide you with career flexibility and options once you get there.

With creative “credential stacking” strategies you can achieve your goal, maximize your earning potential and appeal to multiple employers with a micro-credential. Your program advisor can work with you on those strategies right from the start.

Start by exploring career opportunities with our career insights tool below. (Note: If you use the tool more than once we recommend clearing your browser history to start from the beginning.)

Need help getting started? Watch this video tutorial on how to use the The University of Maine System Career Insights Tool (External Site).

You know where you want to go, here is how you can get there:

For additional career planning support contact the career services office at your university: