First Time Student

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A better life is possible with a college degree.

Going to college for the first time as an adult is an exciting life choice. You may be choosing to finally reach that goal, you may want to be a role model for your children or may want the skills for a higher paying career to support you or your family.

If you are thinking about going to college, you know why you want to go. And we understand the challenges adults face when choosing to go to college for the first time—childcare, transportation, finances, juggling responsibilities and so much more. You are not alone. There are many adults right now making the same decisions—in fact, many of the students in the University of Maine System are also adults 25 years old and older. That’s why there are people at the University of Maine System that are here to help you along the way. Our navigators are here to help you evaluate the return on your investment, get you going and explain the process so you can make good decisions, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Better earnings, better job opportunities, better stability and even better health through employer-provided insurance plans are possible when you earn your college degree.

How to get started on your path to earning a college degree for a better life: