UMS Pointnclick COVID-19 Student Vaccination Exemption Request Guide v. 0.3

This user guide serves to describe the process of requesting an exemption from the UMS COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement and uploading your completed exemption form via the UMS COVID-19 Portal using a UMS workstation, personal computer, smartphone, or other web-enabled devices. Please note, this guide is specifically for UMS STUDENTS. The employee COVID-19 vaccination exemption request process is available at

If you choose to request a COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption, your submitted request will be stored within the UMS COVID-19 Portal (PointNClick System) for verification purposes. The status of your request will be available through the UMS COVID-19 Portal. Approved requests will be used to determine your UMS COVID-19 compliance. The PointNClick system is a secure electronic medical record system used by healthcare providers and universities around the globe. By providing your exemption request, you are consenting to and authorizing the University of Maine System to verify the information provided for pandemic management purposes, including compliance with University of Maine System guidelines, state of Maine, CDC, and other applicable laws, regulations, guidance or standards, which may include exemption from quarantine or testing in certain circumstances.

Accessing the Pointnclick Web App (Uploading Vaccination Exemption Request)

UMS Login Screenshot

Using a web browser (PC/Mac, tablet or Smartphone), visit

You will be taken to the UMS login page where you will be asked to enter your username and UMS password. Once verified, you will be taken back to the app.

Vaccine Exemption Forms Screenshot

Once you log in, click on the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Forms link on the navigation menu.

Download Forms Screenshot

On the ‘Downloadable Forms’ page, you will see three available student forms:

  • Student Medical Exemption Request
  • Student Religious Exemption Request
  • Student Remote Learning Exemption Request

Click Download to obtain a copy of the desired form. Once downloaded, review all of the information and requirements for the exemption type you have selected. You should then print the exemption form to complete the required information and to sign the form. Please note: all listed form fields are REQUIRED and a physical signature is required on the form (typed signatures are not accepted).

Verify Upload Screenshot

When you are ready to upload your completed form, please either scan or photograph the form (in jpg, png, or pdf format), return to the PointNClick portal, select the appropriate exemption type and click Upload.

You should then browse your computer/device for your completed digital form. Once uploaded, the Verify Upload screen will appear displaying an image of your completed form.

Select, Looks Good if your information is clear and accurate.

Select Cancel Upload if you want to upload a different version of your form.

Dont Forget Save Screenshot
Save Button Screenshot

When you have completed your upload, be sure to click the Save button located at the bottom of the page!

Upload Success Screenshot

Once uploaded, you will receive a success confirmation at the top of the screen (1). Your submission status will also be noted (2) along with the date and time of your submission (3).

Upload Verified Screenshot

Once your form has been verified for completeness, the status of your submission will be updated to ‘Upload Verified‘.

Please note: the upload verification status does not constitute formal approval of your exemption request. Approval of your exemption request will be presented within the PointNClick compliance verification system (see Vaccination & Compliance Verification Guide).

Medical Clearances Screenshot

To confirm your exemption request status, select the Medical Clearances link on the left-hand menu.

Note: Medical Clearances is the UMS COVID-19 Portal module used to verify immunization.

Medical Clearance Exempt Screenshot

The Medical Clearances page will load and display your current Vaccination Clearance status. In the example shown, the individual has a ‘Compliant’ status for the COVID-19 Vaccination with the Details/Reason as ‘Exempt: Religious COVID’.

Requesting Support

For support with the UMS COVID-19 Portal (PointNClick), please contact the UMS:IT Help Desk –