As announced on the ‘Together for Maine: Principles for a Safe Return’ website, The University of Maine System remains committed to fulfilling its institutional mission while taking measures to limit transmission of the novel coronavirus.  One of the ways we all may help with this effort is to closely monitor symptoms you may experience which could potentially be related to COVID-19.

The University is pleased to announce that we are making the #CampusClear daily screening app available for immediate use.  This simple, easy to use app provides a daily prompt to indicate any symptoms you may be experiencing prior to attending classes or heading to campus.  Based on your response, you will be provided with guidance on how to make an informed decision about your participation in on-campus activities.  It is important to note that #CampusClear is an educational tool and is not intended to be medically diagnostic.  The data collected through the application will only be used by the University to monitor the potential spread of COVID-19-related symptoms within the campus population.

Signing up is fast and secure and you retain complete control over the information you share through the application.  It only takes a few seconds to self-screen and your participation helps keep our campuses safe for everyone.

Installation Instructions

  1. To install the application, you can download the app from either the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    Download from the Apple App Store
    Apple App Store QR Code
    Get It on the Google Play Store
    Google Play Store QR Code

  2. Once you have installed the application, you will be presented with an informational screen describing the application.  Click ‘I understand’ to proceed; you will also see a disclaimer on the data that is collected and your ability to manage the data that is collected.
    #CampusClear Welcome Page
    #CampusClear What Data we Collect Screen Shot

  3. You will then be presented with a consent form which confirms your ownership over the data submitted and understanding that the tool is for education and awareness only and is NOT INTENDED to be medically diagnostic. Click ‘I Consent’ to proceed.
    #CampusClear Consent Form Screen Shot

  4. Indicate your campus affiliation (student, employee, visitor) on the following screen.
    #CampusClear Campus Affiliation Screen Shot

  5. To complete the registration, enter your @maine.edu email address. (Note: this email address is required as it indicates your affiliation and access to the University of Maine System instance of CampusClear)
    #CampusClear Enter Email Address Screen

  6. You will be sent an email with a link to confirm your account.  When you receive this email, click on ‘Confirm Email’ to proceed
    #CampusClear Email Confirmation Screen
    #CampusClear Finish Authentication Screen

  7. When you are returned to the app, you will see the welcome page for the application. Click ‘Start’ to continue.
    #CampusClear Start Screen

How To Use #CampusClear

  1. The application is very simple; there is a single question and you are asked to select any/all symptoms that you are experiencing that morning or to indicate that you will not be on campus that day.  After selecting all applicable symptoms, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘See Result’.
    #CampusClear Daily Question

  2. Depending on the combination of symptoms you have selected, you will be provided with a certificate (‘good to go’; ‘please stay home’).  Note: the messages on the certificate pages are not final and may be customized to appropriately direct users to the correct resources.
    #CampusClear Good To Go Result Screen

  3. The CampusClear app only allows a single response per day; to view the log of results submitted, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and select ‘My Health Log’.
    #CampusClear Menu
  4. Additionally, end users may download or purge their data from the ‘My Account’ page.
    #CampusClear User Data Settings
  5. You will receive a daily reminder to complete your health check via push notification on your phone each morning.