UMS Pointnclick Asymptomatic Testing User Guide

This user guide serves to describe the process of scheduling an asymptomatic testing appointment at a campus location and receiving your test results via the UMS COVID-19 Portal using a UMS workstation, personal computer, smartphone or other web enabled device.

The UMS COVID-19 Portal (PointNClick) is a secure electronic medical record system used by healthcare providers and universities around the globe.

Table of Contents

Accessing the UMS COVID-19 Portal (First Time User & Spring ’22 Consent Form)

Using a web browser (PC/Mac, tablet or Smartphone), visit

You will be taken to the UMS login page where you will be asked to enter your username and UMS password.  Once verified, you will be taken back to the app.

Select the Medical Clearances from the left-hand menu.

Under Items required for clearance:, click on the green button next to COVID Testing Consent 2022.

After reading, provide consent by checking the box “I have read this form, or it has been read to me, and I understand it. Any questions I had were answered to my satisfaction.” and click on the Submit Final button.

COVID Testing Consent Completed will appear. Click the Proceed button to continue.

Update your Profile (optional though highly recommended)

Select Profile from the left-hand menu, and then click the edit button next to each section to update your information. You may update/edit any item which has an Edit button located to the right of the item.

Example of the edit screen after clicking edit next to the Text Messaging section. After editing/updating information, click the Continue button.

Selecting Testing Location and Scheduling a Test

From the Home Please note, the application will now use your preferred name (with the exception of official documents such as your covid-19 results).

Click on the Schedule a COVID-19 Testing Appointment button.

Click on the Schedule an Appointment button.

Click the Update Profile button if needed. Otherwise, click the Continue button.

Set search start date, choose a location, and click the Search for appointments button.

Select the appointment you desire and click the Continue button. Please note, some testing locations may not appear if the location is walk-in only. Please check with your campus for more details.

Click on the Confirm button to confirm your appointment.

Once confirmed, you have the option of printing the QR code (click on the Print button) or show your confirmation email (the email subject will be Appointment Booked Confirmation) at the appointment.

The page states:

Your appointment barcode is below. Please print this page and bring the barcode with you to your appointment. Or, have your phone available to show the barcode you received in your appointment confirmation email. If you are unable to find the email with the barcode at the time of your appointment, you can log into the patient portal and show the barcode that appears on the homepage on the day of your appointment.

You are now scheduled for your appointment. If you wish to cancel your appointment, you can do so by clicking the Cancel Appointment button and follow the prompts.

Once you click the Cancel Appointment button, a new screen will load. Choose a reason for the cancellation, and then click the OK button.

Follow steps above to select a new appointment after canceling the previous appointment.

When finished, click Log out. You’ll be presented with a screen for Logout successful.

Showing up for your Scheduled Test

Before your scheduled appointment, if you opted-in to text messaging, you will receive a reminder text message 60 minutes prior to your appointment.

If you printed your QR code after you scheduled your appointment, please bring the printed QR code with you. Alternatively, if you have your phone or other web enabled device, you can show the barcode you received in your appointment confirmation email.

Receiving Test Results

If you opted-in to text messaging, you will receive a text message when results are available. Visit to access the results.

An email notification is sent when results are available. Visit to access the results.

Upon successful login, click on COVID-19 Results.

Click on View Report for the sample Collection Date you wish to review.

An example of a Negative result report.

An example of a Positive result report.

An example of a Rejected result report.

Please note, if you receive a Rejected or Inconclusive result a new asymptomatic test sample should be provided within 3 days of the test result.

Requesting Support

For support with the UMS COVID-19 Portal (PointNClick), please contact the US:IT Help Desk –