For Students

The University of Maine System has processed $12.8 million in student room and board adjustments and rebates as of March 31. The University is now working to have a student fee adjustment and rebate policy in place by April 15.

As was the case with the room and board policy, the University is committed to developing a policy on student fee adjustments that is appropriate and fair while also taking into consideration the impact and intent of federal COVID-19 relief legislation.

Direct Deposit for Refunds: The University recommends enrollment in direct deposit to expedite receipt of refund dollars. In the event you are unable to participate in direct deposit the University recommends reviewing and updating your refund address on MaineStreet.

(Last reviewed/updated: 04/01/2020)

On Sunday, March 22 the Chancellor approved payment to non-Federal Work Study students during the period of March 15 – April 4, 2020.


Student employees (graduate and undergraduate) on non-Federal Work Study arrangements who worked during the six week period prior to March 15, 2020 and who currently meet their campus’ eligibility criteria for student employment will be eligible for this payment.

Calculation of Payment

Non-Federal Work Study Student employees (graduate and undergraduate) who are unable to work or worked less than their average hours will be paid an amount at least equal to their average earnings during the period of March 15 – April 4, 2020. Recognizing that this period includes spring break, the following information outlines the method of calculation of the COVID-19 adjustment to wages:

  • To determine the payment amount per week, UMS will utilize *average hours worked multiplied by the employee’s hourly rate. This rate will be applied for each week during the period of 3/15/20 – 4/4/20. If an employee has worked during this period, actual hours worked will be subtracted from the established weekly average hours for the purpose of determining the remaining payable earnings. This remaining payable amount is the COVID-19 adjustment.
  • Average hours are calculated by evaluating actual hours worked and approved by the supervisor for the 6 week period from January 26 until March 7.  Only weeks in which time was submitted are included. The total hours for the period will be divided by the number of weeks where work occurred. The result will be the average number of hours per week.

Payment of the COVID-19 adjustment will be made in the April 10, 2020 payroll.


Contact Payroll at (207) 581-9104 or

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/25/2020)

Maine’s public universities are all extending the deadline for students to choose Pass/Fail options for their course work in recognition of the extraordinary transitions students, faculty, and staff are making in their personal lives and in their academic plans.

“For many students the learning modalities we’ll use to finish this semester will be different then how we started and all of us have had to make a fast adjustment to a new but necessary way of life.” said Chancellor Malloy.  “We will need to be patient with each other, learn quickly from our mistakes, and adapt to flexible solutions that always put students first now and when we are eventually able to transition back to in-person instruction.”

Details of the Pass/Fail extensions, other grading options, and implications for grade point averages and prerequisites vary by campus and can be found at the following links:

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/25/2020)

Room and Board adjustments for students who have checked out of Residence Halls on University of Maine System campuses are now being posted to students’ accounts. After careful consideration the University of Maine System decided on a 46% credit adjustment on both room charges and board charges.

The percentage is based on 102 days of the semester the student would have been in Residence Hall; there were 47 days remaining in the term as of March 13. This percentage will be applied at all campuses. Once adjustments are posted campus staff will begin processing refunds for those eligible. The adjustments and issuing of refunds is expected to be complete by March 31, 2020.

Decisions on adjustment to meal plan charges for those who have remained on campus will be determined soon. Once a decision has been reached for your campus, adjustments will be posted and any refunds for those eligible will be processed immediately.

Direct Deposit for Refunds: The University recommends enrollment in direct deposit to expedite receipt of refund dollars. In the event you are unable to participate in direct deposit the University recommends reviewing and updating your refund address on MaineStreet.

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/25/2020)

UMS is implementing a plan to continue paying Federal Work Study students who have been actively employed in the last 6 weeks AND who are not able to work via remote arrangements.

Effective March 22, the next pay period start date, campuses of the University of Maine System will use an allowable method to pay qualifying Federal Work Study students. Payment(s) will be processed via payroll in partnership with the Financial Aid Office for the final three full pay periods of the spring semester. Based on your earnings history, you may not reach the allowable maximum. In no case can a student’s earnings exceed the maximum allowable offer.

This provision, allowable by the U.S. Department of Education, is being exercised in the University of Maine System in order to provide relief to qualifying Federal Work Study students who are engaged in online classes this spring. Kindly note that based upon federal guidelines and institutional policy, Federal Work Study funding will cease when a student drops below 6 credit hours or if the entire award allotment has been earned.

Please note this information is subject to change pending additional guidance from the US Department of Education.

Students are strongly encouraged to follow these instructions to receive pay via direct deposit if you have not already done so.

Questions should be referred to financial aid counselors for assistance and guidance.

(Last reviewed/updated: 3/18/2020)

Spring Break Extended Two Days: Classes Resume March 25th

The University of Maine System continues operations and will resume classes via distance instruction and other modalities on Wednesday, March 25.  The two day extension of spring break will provide faculty and staff additional time to transition face-to-face classes to online and other instruction methods.  It also provides faculty and staff with additional time to adjust to the many personal disruptions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

The University of Maine School of Law will begin classes on March 23.

There are no other adjustments being made to the semester calendar at this time.  Decisions on commencement ceremonies are expected by April 15.

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/17/2020)

The University is encouraging ALL students to sign up for Direct Deposit to ensure timely processing and distribution of funds. This includes work study students who receive paychecks as well as students who will be eligible for refund payments for housing and meal plans. We have posted new visual guides to walk students through the direct deposit registration process. These resources are posted on the ‘Update Account Information’ page: Please help distribute this information to student groups you or your teams may have access to.

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/16/2020)

In addition to taking helpful precautions to protect your physical well-being, it can also be important to maintain mental and emotional well-being. If you’re experiencing stress or adverse effects as a result of the COVID-19 virus, here are a few resources that may be helpful to you:

Dial 2-1-1 Maine for information and referral to community resources or the Statewide Intentional Warm Line at 1-866-771-9276 to talk with a trained peer support specialist who has personal experience with mental health recovery.

Also, please contact your campus Counseling Services for information and scheduling:

  • UMA Bangor: (207) 262-7835
  • UMA Augusta: (207) 621-3044
  • UMaine: (207) 581-1392
  • UMM: (207) 255 1343
  • UMF: (207) 778-7034
  • UMFK: (207) 834-7822
  • UMPI: (207) 768-9791
  • USM: (207) 780-5411

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/14/2020)

As part of UMS’s public health commitment to reduce exposure and the threat of virus spread, UMS universities have notified on-campus residential students to make plans to depart campus by Sunday, March 22, with personal and educational belongings necessary to complete their semester requirements remotely. Students who have already departed campus will be given opportunities to return to collect necessary belongings at an appropriate time. Residential and meal plan options will be available for those who must remain in or return to their on-campus residence during or from Spring Break due to extenuating personal circumstances, and those students should be advised to prepare for limited on-campus activity and interaction. In order to return to their on-campus residences, students who leave Maine for Spring Break must register their travel plans and will be subject to quarantine or self-isolation measures on their return. Spring Break in the University of Maine System is March 16 – 22.

(Last reviewed/updated: 03/13/2020)