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Universities Publish Maine Employer Hiring Guide To Help Address Workforce Shortages And Connect Students to Maine Careers

Maine employer hiring guide details dozens of job fairs and networking events, career service contacts, and online job posting resources to help state employers fill jobs and connect 32,000 public university students to Maine careers

ORONO, MAINE — Maine’s Public Universities published a Maine Employer Hiring Guide as part of its ongoing response to the state’s workforce crisis.  The guide includes referrals and resources that Maine employers can use to connect with professionally prepared, job-seeking students or candidates for internships.  Approximately 32,000 students attend a University of Maine System institution over the course of an academic year.

The availability of professional workers, skilled technical workers, and entry-level workers are three-of-the-top-five issues business leaders say Maine and its elected officials must address according to the 2018 Making Maine Work Report.  The report suggests Maine economic growth lags the nation’s because of the state’s demography and a labor force shortage that is putting a lid on potential job, income, and economic growth.

Maine’s universities are part of MaineSpark, a coordinated effort to grow the skills of Maine’s workforce so that 60% of workers have a credential of value by 2025.  The universities are also attracting record numbers of out-of-state students to Maine, have created free pathways to a college degree for students with the greatest need, and have committed to double nursing enrollment in response to Maine’s nursing cliff.

Partnering with employers to create stronger connections to Maine career opportunities for the state’s 32,000 public university students is another component of the University response to the workforce crisis.

“We must take advantage of every opportunity to connect the students earning a world class education on our campuses to existing and emerging Maine career opportunities,” said James H. Page, Chancellor of the University of Maine System. “Together with our employer partners we will build a larger, more highly qualified workforce for Maine.”

Examples of university and employer partnership include:

  • Expert service provided to nearly 1,300 Maine employers annually by the career service offices and professionals who can be contacted through the hiring guide;
  • Dozens of upcoming career fairs, networking events, and professional development opportunities that can be viewed in the hiring guide; and,
  • 1,644 Maine jobs and internships posted so far this year by 570 Maine employers on the careerlinks included in the hiring guide.

Career service professionals and employer partners offer these insights on what to expect:

Todd Gilley, Recruiter, CIANBRO:
“Throughout my tenure as a recruiter with the Cianbro Corporation, I have had the pleasure of working with the University of Maine Career Services staff on a variety of employment related initiatives. I have always found them to be responsive to the needs of the employer and creative in their approach of aligning students with potential career opportunities.

“I can speak from an employer standpoint that if there is ever anything that we need, whether it be an interview room, candidates to interview or an on campus recruiting event, the University of Maine Career Services staff is just phone call away and always eager to help.”

Crisanne Blackie, Director of the Career Center at the UMaine:
“The University of Maine Career Center offers multiple ways to connect with UMaine students including in person and virtual  information sessions, career fairs, on campus recruitment, niche networking events and the ability to post open positions. Our staff works closely with employers to identify the best recruitment strategies to meet their hiring needs. We take pride in our ability to connect career ready students with professional opportunities.”

Andy Osheroff, Manager of Operations at USM’s Career and Employment Hub:
“By the time students graduate, we want them to have already built the skills necessary to establish a great career.  Internships are key in this process. Internships not only enhance students’ professional growth but also promote Maine’s workforce by allowing companies to develop a strong pipeline for future talent. Through the support of the Hub’s Employer Relationship Managers, we provide assistance to companies wanting to start an internship program or build on an existing one.”

The University of Maine System Maine Employer Hiring Guide is a digital document that will be updated at the start of every semester and shared with partners in the employer community, career service agencies, and workforce and education partners.