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UMS Trustees Meet in Machias on March 23rd – 24th

Each year in March Trustees review candidates for tenure

BANGOR, MAINE – The University of Maine System Board of Trustees will meet on Sunday and Monday at the University of Maine at Machias. Each year in March, Trustees review candidates for tenure. This year, 26 candidates from five of the seven universities are being considered.

In addition, Trustees will review a new academic program in Information Technology that is being considered at USM, which is a 2+2 program closely coordinated with three area community colleges, in order to help meet the state’s IT workforce needs.

Also at the meeting, Trustees will consider proposals for facilities improvement and relocation:

Complete meeting materials for the March Board of Trustees meeting may be viewed at: http://www.maine.edu/about-the-system/board-of-trustees/meeting-agendas/board-trustees-meeting-materials-agendas/

Established in 1968, the University of Maine System is the state’s largest educational enterprise. It has an annual enrollment of nearly 40,000 students and serves over 500,000 individuals annually through educational and cultural offerings. Two-thirds of its alumni—approximately 120,000 people—live in Maine. The University of Maine System features seven universities—some with multiple campuses—located across the state, as well as eight University College outreach centers, a law school, and an additional 31 course sites. For more information, visit www.maine.edu.

All Board meetings are open to the public. Persons with disabilities who need accommodations to attend should call Chip Gavin, director of facilities management and general services, at 973‐3335 (voice) or 973‐3262 (TDD/TDY) or by e‐mail at chip.gavin@maine.edu.