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College credit can be earned during your high school career. Students can meet graduation requirements by taking college classes.  It is a great opportunity to get your first taste of college level academics and help you explore your future degree options. There are different ways to start your path to early college credit in high school. You can do Dual Enrollment through your high school or you can enroll in Early Study  and Early Enrollment.

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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take college-credit bearing courses taught by college-approved high school teachers. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while in their supportive high school environment, earning transcripted college credit at the time they successfully pass the course. Dual enrollment partnerships differ from other models of early study/aspirations enrollment because high school instructors teach the college courses. To find out if your school has this kind of program, please contact the Guidance office at your school.

Early Study, Early Enrollment & Aspirations

The high school aspirations program raises educational aspirations of Maine students by offering an opportunity to experience college by registering for on-campus college courses at a reduced tuition rate.

Qualified juniors and seniors can take up to six college credits within the academic year through the Aspirations program, if funds are available.  Any student enrolled in at least one course at their local public or private high school (those approved by the Maine Department of Education for the receipt of public funds) may be eligible.  Students are encouraged to contact the campus at which they wish to enroll for Early Study/Aspirations.

Find out how to apply for this program at each campus:

University of Maine – Orono Campus
Laurel E Friberg, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Special Populations/Transfers
Phone: 207-581-1555
Hutchinson Center, Belfast

University of Maine at Augusta
Ann Corbett. Registrar
Phone: 207-621-3145

University of Maine at Farmington
Lisa Ellrich, Associate Director of Admission
Phone: 207-778-7054

University of Maine at Fort Kent
Scott Voisine, Dean of Community Education
Phone: 207-834-8644

University of Maine at Machias
Carol Wolf, Early College Program Coordinator
Phone: 207-255-1264

University of Maine at Presque Isle
Erin V. Benson, Director of Admission
Phone: 207-768-9453

University of Southern Maine
Allison Hardy, Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: 207-228-8382


If you know  the academic program you want to enter, you can talk to a university advisor to best select the courses that will transfer into your program. This is an excellent way to get a jump start and make efficient use of your credits.

Transferring Credit to Your College of Choice

  • Transferring Credit from a University of Maine System campus to another University of Maine System campus
    • Univeristy of Maine System campuses will be able to access the credit you received within the system
  • Transferring Credit from a college outside the University of Maine System to a University of Maine System campus
    • Contact the Registrar at the college to have an official copy of your transcript sent to the University of Maine System Application Processing Center, PO Box 412, Bangor ME 04402
  • Transferring Credit from a University of Maine System campus to another college
    • Contact the Registrar at the University of Maine System campus to send a transcript to that college. You will need to ask the other college where to send the official transcript.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are national examinations to test achievement in advanced high school courses. These tests are created by the College Board . The acceptability and score requirements will vary by institution. Contact a university official at the institution for which you want to enroll for more details.