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Public Service Announcement: Students, Parents and Local Educators Invited to Explore New Early College Website

Maine’s Universities investing $3 million in programming, professional development and scholarships to build stronger bridges between local schools and Maine careers.

The University of Maine System has launched academics.maine.edu/early-college/ to help Maine students, parents, local educators and home school families explore the many early college opportunities offered by  Maine’s public universities. The website includes contact information for campus-based early college coordinators and information on how students from across the state are able to explore college work from their high school classrooms, university campuses and centers and through online course work.

Nearly 3,000 Maine high school students, an all-time-high, participated in University early college programs over the past academic year accessing programming from 380 different Maine communities. Most course work is available to Maine students at little or no cost, providing an affordable opportunity to experience college-level work and earn credits while still living at home and working toward a high school diploma.

Some students, like Savannah Giles of Hermon High School, are graduating high school as college sophomores.

The Universities, with support from Governor LePage and the Legislature, are investing $3 million in early college programming, professional development and scholarships to support local Maine schools and students. The investment is part of a strategic effort to build a stronger and better integrated system of public education that functions as a true continuum of learning that leads from community schools, to college and university campuses, and then into Maine careers in emerging and high-demand occupations.

“Summer is the perfect time to explore the many different early college classes and access points available to eligible Maine high school students across the state,” said Dr. Amy Hubbard, the newly appointed lead Early College Coordinator for the University of Maine System. “We have a dedicated team of coordinators at every campus ready to answer questions and support our students, local schools and homeschool families.”

Please visit https://academics.maine.edu/early-college/ for general information about early college opportunities and for contact information for the early college campus coordinators.


  • Early College Infographic for reproduction and distribution
  • Dr. Amy Hubbard, UMS Lead Early College Coordinator, is available for interviews or appearances to discuss Early College.  Please email her at Amy.I.Hubbard@maine.edu.