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Maine Universities To Review Dining Service Proposals

 With Passage of November 4th Submission Deadline, University System to Review Proposals
with anticipated award announcement by the end of January of 2016

BANGOR, MAINE – The University of Maine System has entered the evaluation phase of a competitive process to select a dining services vendor, which will help the UMS system achieve its commitment to purchase 20% of its food from local providers by 2020.  

The public competitive solicitation for proposals was published on August 31, 2015.  The deadline for submission was November 4, 2015.  An award announcement is expected by the end of January 2016. 

Thousands of University staff, faculty and students have participated in this process through on-site meetings on every campus, and an extensive survey of faculty, staff and students that generated more than 2,500 responses.  The University also consulted with the Maine Board of Agriculture, third party experts and others.  All of this feedback was reviewed and helped shape the solicitation.  University officials are pleased with the vendor and community interest generated by this Request for Proposals.

As described in the solicitation, each submission will be evaluated and scored on various criteria including cost, sustainability, local sourcing of food, and Maine economic impact.  The local sourcing of food and sustainability criteria in particular is based on the new UMS Board of Trustees policy adopted in May of 2015.

Per State law and University Board of Trustee policy, this solicitation is being conducted as a public competitive process.  To preserve a fair and objective evaluation of the submitted proposals, the University will next release information about it when the evaluation has been concluded.  As stipulated in the public solicitation, the University will not be releasing information in the interim.    

“Our solicitation for a new food service provider and our expanded commitment to local food was developed through a tremendous amount of all-campus collaboration and engagement,” said Rudy Gabrielson, Chief Procurement Officer of the University of Maine System.   “We received a strong response from potential vendors and look forward to moving ahead with our goal for 20% local food by 2020.  We’re already engaging with the community about how best to carry out this initiative and appreciate the discussion and feedback, both now and when the award is announced.

This advisory does not constitute an addendum to RFP # 12-16: Food Contract Dining Operations.  If there are any addenda, they will be published following the public procurement process described in the solicitation.

For additional background information regarding the Dining Services solicitation, please refer to:

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