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IT Project Management Office

The ITS Project Management Office (PMO) is a service organization within the University of Maine System’s Department of Information Technology Services (US:IT). By applying project management principles and methodology across all project activities, the PMO strives to deliver projects on time, on budget,  to satisfied customers.

The PMO is committed to facilitating the intake and review of all ideas and project requests for technology solutions that will support the strategic goals of the University of Maine System (UMS) and enhance services to the UMS community. The PMO’s role is to collect ideas and project requests and ensure they are considered and prioritized in a consistent and transparent manner.

How to Submit a Project Request

Do you have an IT solution you would like to propose for a project? The first step towards proposing an IT project is to submit a Project Request Form (PIF).  The PIF helps to summarize information about the proposed project’s objectives, requirements, estimated resources, schedule, and budget. The PMO is always available to provide guidance while the PIF is completed. Click the button below to access the Project Initiation Form.


After a PIF is completed, the PMO will use it to classify the project, which means determining how complex it is and whether or not a business case is required. If a proposed project is for a single campus, we will work with you to make certain the PIF is reviewed and approved the project Sponsor, the campus IT Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

 When and How to Submit an IT Business Case

An IT Business Case is required when the estimated budget for a proposed project exceeds $50,000 in total cost (software, hardware, personnel, vendor contract, etc…) or will involve any of the following factors:

  • Will result in system-wide and/or external impact
  • Involves critical data such as SSN and HIPAA protected data
  • Affects strategic direction of the UMS

The PMO is available to help you to gather information for and develop your Business Case (see IT Business Case APL below).

For campus projects, completed Business Cases should be submitted to the campus IT Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for initial review. Upon approval at the campus level, the business case should be forwarded to the PMO. For system-wide projects, the completed Business Case should be submitted to the PMO. We will work with the CIO and Associate CIO to support the Business Case review/approval process.


IT Business Case Administrative Practice Letter  (APL)

CIO Waiver for IT Processes and Procurement (APL)