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Concierge Contacts

Our local concierges help our adult students on the path to a degree. Much like the hospitality industry has concierges to help guide guests to explore a new area, our concierges will help adult students achieve their educational goals through activities such as applying to a university, choosing a major, finding financial assistance, and registering for courses.

Find the concierge nearest you — they are located throughout Maine in 15 communities:

University of Maine (in Orono)


University of Maine at Augusta


University of Maine at Farmington

  • Deborah Moody, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services/Director of the Merrill Center
    dmoody@maine.edu 207-778-7104


University of Maine at Fort Kent


University of Maine at Machias


University of Maine at Presque Isle


University of Southern Maine (in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston)


University College Centers:

Dennis Unger, Director
unger@maine.edu 207-442-7736 or 800-696-2329

Lynne Witham, Director
lynne.witham@maine.edu 207-667-3897 or 800-696-2540

Jean Henderson, Student Service Coordinator
jean.henderson@umpi.edu 207-521-3100 or 800-584-0874
Tracy Rockwell, Interim Director
tracy.rockwell@maine.edu 207-532-2566

Norway/South Paris
Lisa Cooper, Director
lisa.cooper@maine.edu 207-743-9322 or 888-677-3377

James Bradley, Student Service Coordinator
james.bradley@maine.edu 207-743-9322

Deborah Meehan, Director
deborah.meehan@maine.edu 207-596-6906 or 800-286-1594
Glenn (Chip) Curry
glenn.curry@maine.edu 207-596-6906

Rosmond Hodge, Coordinator of Student Services
rhodge@maine.edu 207-364-7882 or 800-696-1103

Lisa Cooper, Director
lisa.cooper@maine.edu 207-743-9322 or 888-677-3377

Daniel Philbrick, Director
danielp@maine.edu 207-282-4111 or 800-696-3391

Laurie Grant, Student Service Coordinator
lgrant@maine.edu 207-282-4111