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Your Right to Know: Freedom of Access Requests

“The public’s right to information about government activities lies at the heart of a democratic government. The Maine Freedom of Access Act (“FOAA”) grants the people of this state a broad right of access to public records while protecting legitimate governmental interests and the privacy rights of individual citizens. The act also ensures the accountability of the government to the citizens of the state by requiring public access to the meetings of public bodies. Transparency and open decision-making are fundamental principles of the Maine Freedom of Access Act, and they are essential to ensuring continued trust and confidence in our government.”
(From www.maine.gov/foaa/)

University of Maine System – Public Access Officer

James B. Thelen
Chief of Staff and General Counsel
University of Maine System
46 University Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone: 207-621-3441
Fax: 207-621-3074
Email: university.counsel@maine.edu

The State Freedom of Access Act requires the University of Maine System to designate a public access officer to serve as the contact person with regard to requests for public records.

Because the University of Maine System consists of System-wide Services, the Chancellor’s Office, and seven universities, records are not centrally located. The following are the designated contacts for particular records and the public access officer is available to respond to or assist with requests, and answer any questions.

University of Maine

Megan A. Sanders, J.D., Vice President for Human Resources and Chief of Staff

Phone: 207-581-1580

Email: megan.sanders@maine.edu

University of Maine at Augusta

Sheri Stevens, Executive Director of Administrative Services

Phone: 207-621-3110

Email: sheri@maine.edu

University of Maine at Farmington

Laurie Gardner, Executive Director for Finance and Administration

Phone: 207-778-7272

Email: lgardner@maine.edu

University of Maine at Fort Kent

John Murphy, Vice President of Administration

Phone: 207-834-7516

Email: jdmurphy@maine.edu

University of Maine at Machias

Tom Potter, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Phone:  207-255-1221

Email: potter@maine.edu

University of Maine at Presque Isle

Marty Parsons, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Phone: 207-768-9550

Email: marty.parsons@umpi.edu

Rachel Rice, Director of Community and Media Relations

Phone: 207-768-9452

Email: rachel.rice@umpi.edu

University of Southern Maine

Bob Caswell, Executive Director of Public Affairs

Phone: 207-780-4200
Email: caswell@usm.maine.edu

University of Maine System

Media, Legislative, and Other Requests

Peggy Leonard, Public Relations Manager

Phone: 207-973-3245

Email: peggy.leonard@maine.edu

Finances and Procurement

Kevin Carr, Director of Strategic Procurement

Phone: 207-973-3307

Email: kevin.carr@maine.edu

Human Resources

Tracy Bigney, Chief Human Resources and Organizaitonal Development Officer

Phone: 207-973-3234

Email: bigney@maine.edu


Chip Gavin, Director of Facilities Management and General Services

Phone: 207-973-3335

Email: chip.gavin@maine.edu