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The University of Maine System is a corporate and independent legal entity created by and organized under the private and special, and public laws of the State of Maine and as such may sue and be sued only in its corporate capacity as the University of Maine System.

The Office of General Counsel was created to provide all legal advice significantly affecting the legal position of the University of Maine System through the General Counsel acting in his/her role as legal counsel to the University of Maine System or by outside counsel authorized by General Counsel per Board policy.


Thomas J. Connolly, Assistant University Counsel

Nina R. Lavoie, Senior Associate General Counsel

Jeanne Mathews, Administrative Specialist, CL2

Sara Mlynarchek, J.D., Assistant General Counsel

Jeff Thaler, Associate University Counsel

James Thelen, Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Contact Information
Phone: 207-621-3441
Fax: 207-621-3074
Mailing Address:

University of Maine System
Office of General Counsel
46 University Drive
Augusta, ME 04330

Laws Governing Higher Education - Federal

Laws Governing Higher Education - State

Anticipation of Litigation and Legal Holds

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  • Pilot Program for Enhancement of Employee Whistleblower Protection (NEW)


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Whistleblower Protection Act (State)
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Intellectual Property

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