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Travel Program Information

Welcome to the Travel Program information page.

These pages are designed to provide helpful information related to conducting, and being reimbursed for, travel on University business.  Oversight for the Travel Program is provided by the University of Maine System Travel Administrator.  Responsibility for appropriate travel usage and record keeping rests with each traveler.

Information for Travel and Expense Reimbursement Users


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Travel 101 – What You Need to Know

The Strategic Procurement Travel Office processes travel advances and expense vouchers and works closely with faculty and staff to ensure expenditures are reported accurately and reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Members of the University will be reimbursed for travel expenses related to conducting University business. Requests for reimbursement must be supported by the ORIGINAL receipts and must be approved by the appropriate departmental authorities. Reimbursement is governed by Administrative Practice Letter, section IV-B.

BEFORE you leave for your trip:

  • Obtain written permission to travel from your supervisor.
  • Determine if your trip qualifies you for meal reimbursement(s).
    • Does your travel require an overnight stay?   or…
    • Is your travel an “extended day”? (work day begins 2 hours earlier or ends 2 hours later)  See APL IV-B  pages 6-7 for more information
    • If your trip does qualify you for meal reimbursement(s), decide whether to request reimbursement at Per Diem or at Actual before you leave. Also be aware of reduced rates to account for partial day’s travel or for meals furnished at no cost to traveler (i.e. conferences).
  • Travel Advances may be requested in advance, some things to consider:
    • Travelers with Pcards are encouraged to pay travel-related expenses using their Pcard rather than requesting a travel advance. This includes flights, hotel reservations, conference registrations, and meals up to the daily allowance.
    • Travelers who still require advances will now have their advances processed as an electronic payment delivered as a direct deposit (ACH) to the traveler’s bank account. In rare cases, travelers can request a paper check which will be delivered to the address listed in their travel profile in MaineStreet.  ACHs and paper checks are processed twice a week for delivery. Travelers are encouraged to update their travel profiles in MaineStreet to take advantage of direct deposit.  Travelers should allow at least 10 days processing time before their trip when submitting Travel Advance Requests.
  • Original and itemized receipts with proof of payment are required for all reimbursable expenses.
  • Tips are reimbursable up to 15% of the cost of any meal, as well as for ground transportation (e.g., Taxi) – you may round up to the next dollar.
  • The University does not reimburse travelers for alcohol.

If your Purchasing Card is used for any expenses on the trip:

  • The card must not be used for personal purposes, regardless of the intent to reimburse the University. These can include rental cars or hotel expenses for extra days, extra airfare expenses for a side trip, etc.
  • Please refrain from paying for others meals. For example, if Tom pays for Sally’s meal, she cannot be reimbursed at a per diem rate because the University has already paid for a meal at actual. If Sally submits and is reimbursed her travel expenses before Tom and has already been capped at $48 for the day and Tom paid for her lunch, money will have to be taken out of Tom’s reimbursement.

 you return from your trip:

  • Complete a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) within 30 days of return of the trip. Completing the TEV using the computer versus hand written helps ensure we charge the proper chartfield and also calculates the reimbursable total.
    • If there are Prepaid or PCard expenses related to the trip, be sure to document those charges in the Expenses Paid by Univ. section of the TEV to fulfill our requirement for our quarterly state legislative report.
    • Deduct any expenses, alcohol purchases, or excessive tip amounts from your non-purchasing card/personal receipts. If you are seeking only a partial reimbursement of the receipt amount, please clearly indicate the amount that is referenced on the TEV.
    • Turn in original PCard receipts to your Purchasing Card Record Keeper if applicable.
    • Obtain a signature of authorized approval for your TEV, and submit it to your campuses assigned Procurement Coordinator for processing




UMS Travel Account Change RequestUMS Travel Card Limit Change Request 052015
UMS Travel Card Application 022015

Employee Reimbursement Check Request
Travel Expense Voucher (w/ mileage at $0.44 per mile)
Mileage reimbursement effective 1/1/09 = $0.44 per mile

Travel Request/Advance Form
Travel Justification Form (SWS Employees Only)
Missing Receipt Form

Schedule of Accounts Payable Check Runs (FY 2014)
Schedule of Accounts Payable Check Runs (FY 2015)

Carpool Voucher (UMaine Only)
Travel Agency Payment Form (UMaine Only)

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