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PCard Review Process Steps & Documentation

In an effort to assist and meet the specific requirements of the Purchasing Card Program, APL VII-C states that each campus should perform periodic reviews of their program.

The following PCard Review Process will help to lead each PCard Campus Administrator through a step-by-step procedure. This process was developed to support our existing policies, promote greater communication, compliment our current training, ensure compliance, and increase the overall visibility of the PCard Program.

Review Procedure

Explanation of the Review Process Documents

Step 1:
Review Notification Memo
Review Checklist

Step 2:
Department Notification Memo
Department Cardholder Report

Step 3:
Transaction Detail by Cardholder
Review Worksheet

Step 4:
Findings Tally

Step 5:
Final Memo
Final Summary Report

Step 6:
Follow-up Memo

For questions about this process and/or the above documents, contact Gina Miller, regina.miller@maine.edu, 207-581-2633.