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Fuel Card Information

University fuel cards are to provide a convenient and cost-effective way of purchasing fuel for business purposes. Fuel cards may only be used for rental and University owned and leased vehicles. Personal charges of any kind are not allowed.

This site is being designed to provide you with important information about the University of Maine Fuel Card Program. Use the links below to navigate through the site. Feel free to send any comments or questions about the program to the Fuel Card Administrator for your location.

If you would like to be included on the Fuel-Card-News electronic mailing list, please contact regina.miller@maine.edu.

This web site will be updated regularly to include additional information as the program changes. Please visit this page frequently.

 WEX Fleet Card (formerly the Wright Express Universal Fleet Card)

The advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Better Pricing
  • Efficient Payment Processing
  • Uniform Customer Service
  • Consolidated current fuel spend, reducing administrative work
  • Tax exempt status savings of $.48 per gallon in fuel prices currently not captured at the POS when using alternate cards.
  • Negotiated Price Per Gallon Discounts


WEX Accepting Locations

WEX Services Form

Use this form to obtain a card, driver id number, or request changes. Please submit completed form to Gina Miller, regina.miller@maine.edu, fax 207-581-2698 for processing.

WEX Canada

WEX Mobile App: Find fuel and service stations to quickly compare prices and obtain directions wherever you travel.

WEX Help:

Card Does Not Work at Terminal
Driver ID Numbers
How to Utilize at the Pump
WEX Online Reporting

The 24/7 WEX customer service number is 1-800-492-0669.

Gina Miller
Tel: 207-581-2633
Email: regina.miller@maine.edu
Fax: 207-581-2698